YOU Can Do Better. Increasing Our Low Median Income$, Pt 2 – The Business and Motivation Series

In today’s Lessons for Business and Motivation:

If you’ve seen my previous videos, you know by now that I am all about being practical and realistic about our community’s low median incomes and collective net worth. I don’t just preach about it, but offer real world, grounded advice on how to make better education and job choices. It is no coincidence that our community has some of the lowest incomes and wealth of any group. Part of it is historic and systemic, kinda beyond our control at the moment, but the other part of it is how we choose jobs and education.

Don’t buy into the school hype that you can be whatever you want and choose any college major that you’re passionate about. It sounds good to your ears, but if you don’t come from a wealthy background, which most of us don’t according to the numbers, you don’t have the luxury of choosing, say, an art history degree. Not knocking such majors, but if you know you come from a struggling single parent household, for example, what will a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or psychology do for you with a huge student loan debt? These two majors alone are very popular with sistas, but the numbers don’t lie: sistas median income is about $35,000. That’s unacceptable, but no one is providing a roadmap out of these poor, unrealistic choices. Brothas do a little better, making about $42,000 a year, but even that is too low.

Let’s take a look at this new article from Business Insider magazine that list 39 relatively high paying jobs that don’t require a 4 year degree.

If your 4 year major didn’t result in a job that pays more than these, then what the heck are you doing? A 1 or 2 year trade school certification is better than a 4 year degree in gender studies or music history. I mean, c’mon, my people. Don’t you see that if we keep struggling decade after decade of nearly zero net worth and very low incomes bordering on poverty, then we have to change the things we can change. Please pay attention for yourselves and your children. If you can’t leave them a financial legacy, at least help them choose better than you when it comes to a profession. Plus, a lot of these jobs can translate into their own business once they get experience.

Car Mechanic

Notice that one of these jobs is a car mechanic, which can make over $70,000 a year, not to mention if its an electric car or self driving car mechanic. After a few years of working for a car dealership, you can open your own mechanic business. I strongly recommend that if you choose this career, take some online courses eventually in autonomous and electric vehicles. These two are the future. You’re welcome.

Aerospace related professions

How many of you with 4 year degrees making only $40,000 a year would love to get a raise to $73,000? Aerospace technician jobs at the associate’s degree level can get you that raise. So what are you waiting for? Do some homework at your local community college or reputable trade school (yes, reputable, not these fly by night scam schools) and put together a plan to get certified right now.

Funeral Home Manager

Mortuary related careers might spook some people, but a low median income is even scarier. So which one would you prefer: A non scary retail store job paying $12 an hour, or a funeral home manager making $35 an hour? I don’t know about you, but I’ll bring my cross and holy water and cast some ghosts out before I work for much less than 35 an hour. Boo!

Pile Driver Operator

My guys out there: If our median income is $42,000 a year, but we have a shot at being a pile drive operator making over $76,000 a year, what are we waiting for? There’s no excuse for my brothas not to level up. Right now, in your smartphone calendar, add a reminder to look up nearby trade schools or corporate training where you can get certified as a pile drive operator. This line of work will still need people for some time, so there is no excuse not to claim your own raise. This is $26,000 higher than our median income, so I think it is well worth the time to get from where you are now to double your income. No get rich quick schemes here. This is all planning and execution on your own behalf. If you have a felony, there are usually advocates out there who will help you as this is the kind of job where you are out in the field, pretty much solo.

Gambling Manager

My sistas out there, especially those who usually work in nightclub and lounge settings, including dancers and bottle girls. At some point when you get older in the industry, you’re going to need a more stable income. This gambling manager job path might just right for you. Plus, at $77,000 a year, it’s over double the median income of sistas, so what’s the problem? You still get some of the nightlife vibe without the over emphasis on age and beauty. My point is we have to improve the median income of sistas, and if this is something that interests you or someone you know, let’s get them on this journey.

Feel free to read the rest of the article for the other jobs. Take a look at the list of nice paying jobs, and if your so called dream job is not on that list, then you need to look at your current income and bank balance and ask if you can realistically achieve $75,000 or more per year without changing jobs. Together, let’s set out on a 2 year roadmap to increase our median net incomes by $10,000 by March 2023. We have to do it one brotha and sista at a time. Hopefully this journey starts with YOU. Until the next video, brothas and sistas, take care and become affluent.

Until the next video, brothas and sistas, take care.


The Highest-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Bachelor’s Degree (

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