Black Owned Cloud Data Center – A Vision for Black Wall Street in the Cloud

Put your family’s unused land to economic use in the cloud

In a previous video, I brought up the idea of brothas and sistas in America, Africa and abroad using their families’ lands to build data centers so that we can build our own cloud-based internet infrastructure. This idea is important because right now, we may have YouTube channels, social media pages, and websites, but we don’t control the hardware underneath. This means that an enemy with an invisible hand can silence us in a heartbeat, leaving us without the ability to make money or communicate with each other.

For example, many black YouTube channels have been demonetized or shut down completely by Google, which is a major Big Tech company with deep ties to the Hollywood and Washington white elites. Google, along with Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, among others, control the very servers that our channels and websites sit on. Imagine sitting in someone else’s chair, and they come up behind you and pull it out from under you. You will fall! That’s basically the kind of power they have over us.

This means we are at war, my people! As I keep saying in my videos, business is war. If you make money online in any way, you might as well assume you are at war. This world loves money, including yours! If you make too much of it, they will declare war on you, whether you’re ready or not. As Sun Tzu, the quoted philosopher said, know your enemy.

The answer for our community, in order to get the kind of independence we once had way back in the golden era of the Black Wall Streets 120 years ago, is to own our own network of cloud-based internet data centers. What is a data center? Because most people are so used to DMing their friends, creating tik tok dance videos and liking Instagram pics, they never, ever think about the technology that makes social media happen. This is the kind of technology work I do as part of my consulting mix.

Without getting too technical, think of a data center as the digital city hall of your area. Every sizable city has one in it, or nearby it. They are nothing more than a big building sitting on land that has a bunch of computers that help you get on the internet. But that’s just the starting point. To get to your favorite entertainer’s social media page, for instance, your local data center has to look up a registry to figure out the best way to get you there. Your fave celebrity lives near another data center that talks to your data center, kinda like when a city sends a representative to another city to do political stuff that benefits both cities. Once your data center finds your celebrity’s data center, their data center will send the social media page to your data center, which then sends it to your phone.

And that’s it. There’s a lot more to it than that, but this is the gist of it. Data centers are physical locations that make your social media experience a reality. But none of the current major data centers are owned by us. This is the new digital frontier we must seize quickly. It doesn’t take that much to start one as they are nothing but secure buildings with a certain interior design and architecture geared towards maintaining row after row of stacks of computers and various control center tools and air conditioning. Any brotha or sista with an architect degree should definitely consider specializing in this area right now. And, any brotha and sista with land that is not producing any income should definitely look at constructing a data center. They don’t have to be big initially, so if your family has many acres of land, you figure you can get started by setting aside a few acres if that (might be able to do a smaller center on less than an acre). Your city or town will have zoning and other regulatory restrictions to consider, but given the potential for tax revenue and adding new jobs, your town or city will be more than happy to help you out.

Each of our American data centers can then network with new or existing data centers in Africa and elsewhere in the African diaspora, which is important so that if we eventually have the feds on our backs, and that’s very likely as we’ve seen in Tulsa in 1921, African nations could leverage their national sovereignty so that we could potentially get some kind of shield of immunity. I’ll let the legal and diplomatic minds in our community hash out those details. Yes, this should be a priority of our black elected officials from now on. We should benefit from tax credits and abatements just like they give to other companies.

But the idea is that Black Wall Street 2.0 must now include a digital strategy for the cloud, and the best security mechanism against destruction by the enemy is to internationalize our own network of data centers. I will be doing more videos about this very topic as it is a key for our breaking the imposed obstacles the enemy placed on all of us. In an upcoming video, I will walk through the steps needed to use your land as a data center, along with the potential revenue. The money you get would come from each website you host, as they will need to pay you monthly or annually for your data center services. We gotta get our digital hussle on, people, and this is one of the keys to do that. If you have any questions or comments, DM me. Until the next video my soldiers, war and peace.

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