Did Celebrity Addison Rae Steal Job from Journalism Majors? Stop picking struggle majors!!


“As you saw in one of the quotes I read, many end up in jobs nowhere near their degree, yet the student loan debt remains.

If you are passionate about a struggle major, and you’re not wealthy, which is true of the vast majority of our people, then create a secondary, long term plan to pursue that. But I strongly recommend picking a STEM major, or, as Kwame Brown often tells people on his popular channel, pick a trade that has a high probability of not only paying you, but also giving you the ability to eventually start your own business. There are plenty of electricians who make great pay in their trade. The same is true of automotive technicians, especially those who service electric cars like Tesla. After a few years of making money in one of these fields, THEN you can pursue your passion.”

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