Black History Month: Revisiting the Mysteries Behind the Race Riots 100 Years Ago, Pt 1

Greetings, people all across the land of Dallas Ft. Worth! Hope your weekend and month are going well. Bringing up a painful chapter in history is always a touchy topic for some. But in this case, we’re not interested in simply retelling the facts. Instead, we are inviting you to set aside emotions and rhetoric and instead focus on the patterns of actions leading up to the riots. We also invite you to question everything, from your memory of what you were taught, the news media then and now, and the history books and websites who all seem to say roughly the same thing without asking tougher, probing questions. In an age when we are more “woke” regarding fake news, lets investigate fake vs real history as well. [Continue reading after the clip]…

By using the word “fake” is not to suggest the riots did not happen. Of course they did. But if you take time this month to go back and carefully read the “facts” that sparked the ethnic cleaning acts of terrorism against blacks, you’ll find a bunch of vague, almost condescending words describing the history, as if being told to a 5 year old. Here’s how the stories usually go:

  1. Job shortages and economic strife led to competition for jobs between whites and blacks, or a white woman accused a black man of raping her.
  2. The local press spreads news of problems between the races without doing any due diligence on exactly who’s behind the “white mobs” gathering together
  3. Little skirmishes between the races happen
  4. Things escalate
  5. Nameless white mobs launch terrorist acts of ethnic cleansing, vandalism, theft, rape, torture, burning, murder, etc
  6. Local police mostly help the white mobs by either standing idly by for several hours or days, or active participation
  7. White mobs cheer and celebrate with smiles and laughter as black blood flows
  8. Feeling their backs against the wall, black men, especially those with military backgrounds and rifles, form a defense shield against the white mob. In some cases, they call for backup from brothas in neighboring cities.
  9. Now that more armed blacks get involved, the white mobs call for backup from the state and federal government, who declare martial law and send in national guard and sometimes national military units. These advanced troops usually round up blacks and put them in concentration camps “for their own good and safety.”
  10. After more anti-black destruction, the government calms the white mobs down and send them home, usually with no jail time or concentration camp round up.
  11. The government pays lip service to fix the destroyed black homes and businesses, but decades pass, and little or nothing is done.

Pause for a moment and ponder this cycle of tragedy. Notice how, as you read that, you probably got a bit emotional, which is normal. But go back to the first two steps. Why do they keep bringing up bad economic conditions and jobs? There have been economic downturns before that didn’t result in blacks losing everything. When blacks were thriving in the 1890s, there were economic “panics” that did not lead to them losing everything. Black cities were still intact. But the race riots in the early 1900s were more numerous and vicious, and the press was actively involved in gas lighting the unidentified white mobs.

Who owned the press that caused these problems? Do these owners’ descendants or fellow secret society members still own the media when they suddenly backed the black civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s, and even the Black Lives Matter movement today? The answer is yes. Same enemy, different bodies.

And why have we seldom if ever heard the names of the leaders of these generic “white mobs?” Just like with KKK, these white mobs just disappeared into the annals of history with no due process and due diligence. Go back and examine the 1943 Beaumont Racial Act of Terrorism. Does anyone know the name of the white woman who accused a black man of rape? I looked and her name is hard to find (let me know if you find itm, honestly). Hmmm. Go back and look at the 1921 Tulsa Ethnic Cleansing War. Both the white girl and the black boy, though named, are actually shrouded in mysteries. Many of you probably didn’t know that the lawyer who represented the young brotha, whose name was “Diamond Dick” (go figure) actually was a Klansman. On top of that, when the nameless white mob wanted to kill him before the trial, this Klan lawyer helped Diamond Dick escape and vanish in the pages of history without a trace (try to look up detailed info on Diamond). How many times have you ever heard of a racist Klansman helping a brotha escape an extra-judicial lynching?

Those who write our history and feed us news and fake facts know that we humans get caught up so much in our emotions over violent tragedies that we skip past fact finding and go into defense mode. What I am asking you to do is temporarily set aside your emotion and investigate the facts and people who caused these severe acts of violence. We need to identify them so that it does not repeat itself even today. In this YouTube clip, you’ll find pretty much the same pattern I outlined above. We want to name names this time. We don’t want to hear an economic summary about how bad the job picture was. If a loved one gets murdered, do you want to hear about how bad job opportunities were that led the murderer to take away your family member? Of course not. We want names and justice! It’s never too late. We’ll present other videos throughout the month to ask this lingering question…


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