A Tribute to the Multi-talented Bethany Lartigue

They say the best leave us young. In this case, that is indeed true. And when they pass on in a very public way, misunderstandings and innuendo are sure to happen. Before reading the rest of this tribute, please keep in mind that positive vibes always overcome negative vibes. Are you a negative or positive person? She was very positive.

That “woman” who lost her life May 16th at Carl Crawford’s house in Houston was more than just a woman. It’s somewhat understandable that people who don’t know the inspiring, accomplished and determined Bethany Lartigue would speculate in the wildest ways. Just based on the few video clips they’ve seen online, some who don’t know her judge her incorrectly. After 3 1/2 years of knowing her very well, let me provide a more holistic perspective [keep reading below].

Bethany was a great, college educated business strategist, providing valuable insight on some of my business endeavors. Unlike most people even twice her age, she analyzed news and world affairs beyond the headlines in impressive, analytical fashion. These days, to dare to question the news media even a little bit means you’re a conspiracy theorist. But that’s nonsense. Today’s news media is so dumbed down that if you have half a brain, you’re gonna question the obvious inconsistencies, as we’ve seen since this past weekend. She had a full brain and questioned everything, (including how Hollywood really works), expressing her views with me that were surprisingly similar to mine most of the time.

She was not some uncontrolled alcoholic, despite what some in the public think. She knew how to handle her liquor and weed based on the circumstances, especially when it came to children and other serious responsibilities. If she had to drive soon or take care of children, she absolutely would not drink or smoke! I have receipts on this one to back that up as a firsthand eyewitness. She could drink with the best of them, including me, and not be wasted. During the few years I knew her, she was able to handle whatever liquor (including black Henny) and smoke with zero problems.  I always made sure to confirm, and she reassured me all was well. And every time, all was indeed well in Bethany World.

The adventurous Bethany Lartigue sent me this clip of her living her best life, zip lining fearlessly over rocks and water, Sept 2019. Indeed, she could swim and was comfortable around water.

She was a “certified” old soul. Most younger people say they got that old soul, but few could pass the test. Bethany was one of the very few. In fact, when I tested her, she knew a few songs from the 1960s better than me. At first I would say, “what you know bout that” when I played an old song. But then she would sing every lyric better than me, and tell me “what YOU know about that!” After several similar challenges, I had to give it up and hand it to her:  certified old soul. She was a contemplative thinker, cognizant of the world and all its faults. She had ideas on how to improve those imperfections.

Despite one moment of fun the public has seen of her, she was not big on clubbing and even said she was not that much of a dancer (although she could still hold her own on the flo’). Did she enjoy those occasional nights on the town with girlfriends? Of course. But she was not the type to regularly hang out in the clubs everyday 24/7, shuttin em down. She would actually tell me how some of her associates wore her out with the nonstop club life. She loved the friends, of course, but didn’t want to be out there like that every night.

She preferred more chill, mature settings, happy hours and Benihana, thus her liking to hang with me in Plano. The bartenders at Benihana and Ra Sushi knew her very well as a result, especially the Beni bartender who shared a hug with me when I told him about this horrible tragedy. I told him she loved how he knew her exact “Colossal Shrimp” entree details over the years as soon as she walked in the door. It saddened both of us greatly when I told him about what happened. Same with the bartender at Ra Sushi, both located close to each other in Shops at Legacy in Plano, north of Dallas.

One of the main reasons she went to Houston in recent weekends for the video project was that she wanted to further her DJ career objectives, in addition to supporting the big milestone of a rising rap friend. While there, did she also have a little fun that night before the tragedy? Of course. But she also wanted to achieve a DJ milestone, something most people have not heard about. She mentioned that to me not only two days before going, but throughout much of the time we knew each other.

Bethany absolutely adored and cherished children, without a doubt. She did not play when it came to the kids. This fact is something that those who don’t know her need to understand. Bethany loved, loved, loved children! There were times when she would delay or postpone meeting up with me because of obligations watching children in her family or for friends. I personally witnessed this extraordinary and serious personality trait. So then what happened in Houston should be analyzed with this history in mind.

Bethany worked a fulltime, nice paying job in Dallas where she lived with her mother, before her untimely passing. She also was in college at times to improve herself. The comments calling her irresponsible are entirely misplaced. There’s always more to the “official” news media story than you think. She was extremely responsible beyond her years. She worked and played sports and planned her bright future at the same time. Impressive indeed.

Bethany loved and cherished family almost to a fault. That’s the New Orleans way. A consistent, persistent theme with her was to be very family oriented. Through good times and bad, she was loyal to her family. I’ve seldom seen that level of family commitment, a quality that made her endearing and pleasant to be around.

Despite what the misleading social media may think, Bethany was not a “thot,” not even close. She was the opposite. Just because you might know strippers and “thots” does not make you a thot, folks. I know such people and I’m neither one. And that doesn’t mean we should judge them as horrible people either. Life can be very hard, leading to unexpected life journeys.

Side note: Thus, you don’t know their journey in life. Some have had tragedies you can’t imagine. While you live pretty comfortably, many others are abused or neglected in the worst ways, which can ultimately change the course of their lives. Others choose that course as a stepping stone. Be careful when judging others cuz you don’t know when it’s your turn.

Bethany was compassionate for fellow human beings. She was wiser than many twice her age, and knew that the suffering in the world had to be balanced by positive vibes. This compassion came out in her professional sports and personal life. Aquatic activities were no stranger to her. She never forgot a birthday, even when I thought she did forget mine one time. Once she knew you well, she could complete your sentences. That’s how thoughtful she was. When you’ve known someone as long as we knew each other, at some point, an argument over something will likely come up, but never us. The very few disagreements we had were handled very respectfully and we kept it moving with no problem.

Two of her favorite shows were Power and The Office. After a hard day of work, these shows were part of her “relax and unwind” moments—along with the occasional vaping/smokes, Henny or cold sake (a taste she took time to acquire). She was the one who got me hooked on both TV shows. I still watch The Office because of that. It’s a little tough to watch now, but I still do it because of that spark from her.

In short, this is the real Bethany Lartigue. A smart, wise, loving, loveable, beautiful and deeply caring soul who only comes around once in a few lifetimes. When you encounter such a rare gem, pause and thank them for being a blessing in your life. Not many witness such a phenomenon. This is not a goodbye, but a fond memory of an extraordinary human being who’s journey continues in our hearts…

In loving memory…

John the CEO



  1. Well said ! As she and I would say Virgo’s are the best! Bethany has an awesome Vibe about her that made people draw to her. Regardless of what the media says TO KNOW HER IS TO LOVE HER, SHE LEFT HERE A HERO!! So many people shared oh it wouldn’t have been me, etc but when you are passionate about LIFE AND EVEN MORE ABOUT KIDS LOSING YOUR LIFE IS THE LAST THING ON YOUR MIND! These people need to realize the videos and the pics she posted is what she wanted y’all to know and in all reality she could careless, because when your a GOOD PERSON AND YOU KNOW WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE PROVING TO OTHERS IS YOUR LEAST WORRY! This is beautiful what is written thanks for clearing up and shedding the light on who she truly IS! With that being said #LONGLIVEBETHANY #OURSHERO #4 GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN!!

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  2. Thanks for such a beautiful & well written tribute about Bethany. When someone looses their life to try & save another person’s life speaks volumes about that person. I pray strenght for her family, & friends as they all deal with her death. I pray that through the life Bethany lived & through her life lost, that someone else life is saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Young people God is calling out for you, please turn to him. Start reading your bible more, praying more, & going to church. God Loves you & May God bless & may each of you have comforter in knowing that you have a guardian angel now watching over you!🙏💞

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