Build Your Business to NOT Overly Rely on One Online Platform

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Noted business thinker Boyce Watkins has just posted an informative video about the need to diversify how your online presence is delivered to your customer base. Often, we don’t think about the technology that stands between our business and our customers, but it is good to periodically assess how dependent we are on e-commerce and social media platforms like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, WordPress, Wix, Patreon, etc. Disaster recovery and business continuity are vital business processes that we all need to include in our overall business plan. Disaster recover says “what do I do if Amazon changes its algorithm to where I lose almost all of my customers?” Business continuity says “what other course of action can I take to keep my business running after a disaster hits?” If you can’t answer these questions, than your business is at significant risk of leaving you and your employees without money! Check out the video below…

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