Hey! What Are Yoooo Doin’ For Memorial Day Weekend?!

After all these weeks of mostly cloudy Spring days, finally the elusive sun is making a cameo appearance right here at its primary hometown of Dallas…just in time for Memorial Day weekend, baybay! Yeah, gone are the days of 100+ degree summer weather all across the land of Dallas Ft. Worth (wanna bet?). But if you’re doing a staycation right here–and judging by the fact that DFW is now the number one destination for Americans on the move–a whole lot of you will be here. Woo hoo!

And you bet not say you’re bored and ain’t got nuttin’ to do, cuz our inbox has been blazin’ with all kinds of things to get in to all day and all night long. Don’t believe me just watch (below). Bookmark our Events page for late breaking events that didn’t reach us by our deadline for this article.

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