Check Out Bey Jay’s $26 Million Insane Hamptons Mansion

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Yeah, had to come up with some kinda cool celebrity couple name for these two since Hollywood hadn’t done it yet like they do for other top celeb couples. But in case you missed it, about 6 weeks ago, the mega couple dropped stacks on a very posh Hamptons mansion at 81 Briar Patch Rd. East Hampton, NY, Long Island (don’t even try to go there lol) to the tune of $26 million. And of course, since their Los Angeles mansion is a whopping $88 mill, it’s safe to assume this Hamptons pad is just their summer crash joint. You can check out Trulia and Forbes for all the details about this sprawling estate in the toney part of Hamptons (well, every hood in the Hamptons is toney). One interesting fact to point out is that the previous owner was so in love with the pond to the west of the mansion that he paid a heft sum of benjamins to have the entire house lifted and rotated 90 degrees “so the 30-foot high living room now faces west over the pond instead of north—allowing for optimal sunset views,” according to Forbes. That’s even more insane than the mansion itself!

untitledyonce1-768x51281 Briar Patch Rd, East Hampton, NY81 Briar Patch Rd, East Hampton, NYJay-Z-House1-1200x675Beyonce-Jay-Z-Hamptons-Home-Lovebscott-181 Briar Patch Rd. East Hampton, NY, Long Island



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