Can a Bad Relationship Destroy You Spiritually?

Was flipping through some business and technology YouTube videos when I stumbled across this particular video with an interesting title. As you can see, the title alludes to women’s influence over men, but the video blogger actually goes in on men who are weak and allow their business and finances and souls to be used up by unequally yoked, wicked women.

For those who haven’t seen this video yet, it might be worth a watch, at least for the first 15 minutes or so. To sum up, her message is spiritual but very relevant regardless of your spiritual state. Women who are not right with the Heavenly Father will ultimately user her charm and wiles to lead weak, unsuspecting men to their own physical, financial and spiritual demise. She goes on to say that men who put vaginas on a pedestal are in essence placing the vagina above God, thus lowering his spiritual potential and bringing himself beneath his role as a strong man. She personally rejects such men as she cannot respect weak men who lower themselves unwittingly for spiritually dark women. She goes on to also mention how such women she encounters in social settings by chance give her the evil eye upon initial contact because of their own evil motives manifesting.

So the question becomes: Do you agree? Can a spiritually dark woman who is very friendly and attractive on the outside bring a man down? Do women respect men who are not in touch spiritually with the Heavenly Father and “do the most” when pursuing women?

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