Hey! It’s Christmas Socializing Season All Across the Land of Dallas Ft. Worth!

By John the CEO

As some of you know, a professional brotha has been jet setting from Dallas to Atlanta each week for the past few weeks, with a couple of more weeks to go, handlin’ that corporate hustle while spreadin’ Christmas cheer to both cities. So many social activities going on in both cities that I’ll have to avoid mixing up each city’s events lol. Since Thanksgiving, there’s been quite the assortment of social activities to choose from, and I hate that I missed the recent December mixer with the LCUPN crew at the swank Hilton in Granite Park, Plano. Maybe next time. But I did manage to go to one at Altitude in W Hotel, 33rd floor, and posted those pics and videos to @Affluentblacks on Instagram. And the big NYE weekend is coming up so if you ain’t got your RSVP (yes I said ‘ain’t’ so get used to it 🙂 best be on it asap!

So what’s coming up this weekend through New Year’s Eve you ask? Why you gotta rush a brotha? lol just kidding. Here we go, so get up and get out there!…









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