An Interesting View on How the Power of Hip Hop is Underestimated

Any discussion on the history and trends of hip hop can be quite controversial. So our purpose is not to incite controversy, but to provide a platform for discussing how the power of hip hop is underestimated by too many of us, to our detriment. We recommend watching the following video for those who have not already seen it. It shows several hip hop legends discuss how, among other things, the diversity of talent and individuality of hip hop acts from years gone by has been replaced by a homogeneous, monotony of acts that sound similar, speak on the same topics that don’t improve society, and has become a dumbed down distraction from what perils our community. Do you agree or disagree? We know that Dallas, and Texas, has played a role in hip hop history past and present, so it would be good to discuss and improve things.

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