4th of July Special: 6th Weekend of the Dallas Summer Fun Series!


Hey there! It’s the 6th weekend of the Dallas Summer Fun Series, which just so happens to coincide with the big 4th of July weekend! What are yoooo doin’ this weekend? All kinds of thangs are goin’ across the vast expanse of DFW, from Top Golf and Pappadeaux, and some select day and night parties. And of course, some of you are either in New Orleans or are headed that way soon. For those who have jetted off to exotic destinations that include palm trees and beaches, let us know how it goes! Send pics and videos. For those still in Dallas Ft. Worth, there are several fireworks displays, the more known ones being at Fair Park in Dallas, Addison Kaboom Town, and Frisco Main Square. The W hotel has a swank, cool pool scene several floors up with sweeping views of downtown, and it plays host to the weekly SoundWave of the Summer series every Sunday, all while the DJ mixes the sounds you wanna hear. But hurry as this is a popular series: $20 for men and free for ladies with RSVP.

Similar to our other popular series such as Dallas Escape Series, this series brings you the hottest, most fun things to do across Dallas Ft. worth during the day and night. And why not? The DFW area is still one of the fastest growing major urban areas in the country, and with so many people moving here, someone’s gotta keep up with all the turn’t up and low key events and activities.

A notable new edition to this series is the “Lifestyles of the Glam and Curvy” series from CurveMonsters of Dallas:

It’s the Dallas Fun Series! What are you waiting for? Head to our buddies at CurveMonsters.org to view their “Lifestyles of the Glam and Curvy” video series, Summer Edition, right now! Be sure to follow their YouTube channel to stay up to date. And if you think you have a fun, entertaining video of you and you have that head turning look, message them on their site or Instagram (@CurveMonsters)

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Be sure to follow us on Instagram as well (@affluentblacks). if you’re a venue, nice restaurant, event promoter or organizer, keep us posted and definitely let’s work out advertising stuff to support this new article series. From jazzy wine bars 🍷 to exciting night clubs and lounges, we’ve got you covered this summer! 🎊 🌴 😎 👊

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Some fun events you may be interested in (bookmark our event page to keep up to date on all the DFW summer fun):











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