Brief Advice in the Aftermath of the 7/7 Dallas Police Tragedy

We typically try to keep the content of this website focused on positive, uplifting themes since mainstream news media already has enough less positive info daily. However, in the case of the major tragedy right here in Dallas last week involving the black community and the Dallas Police, there are some things we want you to keep in mind when it comes to terror and protest events. First, our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this and other similar tragedies that seem to have increased exponentially in recent years. This is no accident, so stay vigilant. Also, before jumping headfirst into any movement or group that you’re not totally familiar with, do some research on exactly who is behind these movements and what their real intent is.

If you, after doing your homework, you like the financers and leaders of the movement (always follow the money trail), then so be it. But if you have more questions than answers, then there is a reason why the movement gets fuzzy and gray the deeper you look into it. There have been some rumors about a “day of rage” planned for today, stretching into the weekend. Be careful, and again, ask questions before jumping into these protests. Here in Dallas, over 100 brothas and sistas were taken into custody July 7th, according to some reports, and we’ve not heard what happened to them if indeed this many people were jailed. (Let us know if you know).

Finally, as we just saw in Nice, France, where people were gathered to celebrate Bastille Day (France’s equivalent of our 4th of July), you never know what disaster is planned for a large gathering of people. Here in Dallas, brothas and sistas gathered peacefully to protest injustices on July 7th, mixed in with elements of the Black Lives Matter movement. So with any large public gathering, watch your back. Hate and rage plays into the hands of the enemy, but strategic and lasting love and wisdom really does conquer all.

Take care, people…

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