Are You Starting Up A Minority Tech Business in Dallas? Read This ASAP in Dallas Business Journal

Commentary: Here's what Dallas startups are hitting out of the park - Dallas Business Journal

Tech Wildcatters in particular is entering our sixth year as the leading accelerator in Dallas (but also the top ranked B2B accelerator in the U.S.), so we know it’s time to kick things up a notch. Not just with our program so it remains on the top but also in determining where we can provide the most value to our community.

We’re not the only ones interested in putting Dallas in that ever-so-coveted ranking nestled right next to Silicon Valley on “Best Cities to Launch Your Startup.”As the new executive director, I’ve got a lot of things on my plate right now (obviously#, not the least of which is to search the world over to find the next batch of killer startups to join our next class #shameless plug and link right here#. But I’ve also been prioritizing this discovery process because it needs to be top of mind. I started with the question, “Where are we hitting it out of the park right now?”

We ‘re active. If you have any slight interest in the startup community and haven’t been under a rock, you will know that our army of startup folks is growing by the day. Just in the last year, the One Million Cups initiative has grown from six intent listeners #I know, I was one) in a small room to a massive engaged crowd at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center.

via Commentary: Here’s what Dallas startups are hitting out of the park – Dallas Business Journal.

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