Quia Querisma, a Dallas Based Business Mentor to Young Students and Social Media Influencer

While aggregating content related to the emerging Dallas entrepreneur and technology startup incubator scene, we came across a very interesting soulful woman of color (well, she was managing editor of SoulTrain.com for a couple of years) who is not only doing a wonderful thing for young school age students in mentoring them on becoming technology entrepreneurs, Ms. Quia Querisma is also doing many other interesting things for Dallas entrepreneurs that Dallas black businesses should take notice of.

This weekend is Startup Weekend EDU Dallas (Nov 21-23, 2014) and Ms. Querisma is part of the coaches and mentors panel. A quote from the summit’s site says she is the founder of Tomorrow Techies, which is

a startup dedicated to teaching children in grades 6 – 12 the fundamentals of coding and media technology.

Read the rest of her startup  on the Startup Weekend EDU Dallas site. As Principal of Supreme Media Group LLC, she has done quite a bit of impressive work, from Managing Editor at SoulTrain.com, as mentioned, to correspondent for Forbes Travel Guide. She has also been a social media influencer for Glamour Magazine. To read more about her great background and learn how to use social media better, click the following links:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/querisma

Twitter: https://twitter.com/querismatic

Blog site: http://www.myjetsetstyle.com/

Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/quia-querisma/

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