Moving Somewhere New? How to make better life decisions to avoid disasters

Hey, people, it’s your Motivation Minute. I’m John the CEO…

How to make better life decisions to avoid disasters

Every day, events in life are thrown at us, and we must decide how to deal with them. This is when the kind of person we are will be tested. Make the wrong decision, and you can wreck your life. For instance, moving to a new city is a major life decision. Your reason for moving better be based in wisdom and not foolishness.

Some people will move to a new city expecting everything to go right with no problems. But what happens if things go wrong? Do you have a plan B? What happens if you find a new house in that new city, put money down on it, and find out later the person selling it is a scammer?

If you’re moving for a new job, what if that job suddenly falls through? Do you have enough money to hold you over till you either find another one, or move back home? Do you even have a backup job offer just in case?

If you’re moving because you met a romantic interest, are you planning to move in with them, or will you be getting your own place? If things don’t work out, what’s your next move? As simple as this sounds to those of us with more life experience, there are many people who end up in disastrous situations like these that result in being homeless or worse.

Whatever decisions you make in life, choose wisely my friends. Until the next motivation minute, take care…

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