Dallas Escape Series Travel: The Enchantment of Tulum

Is your summer travel dream stuck somewhere deep in your darkest imagination,

Inhibited, never to see the light of day?

What are you waiting for?

Summers are made in Tulum

What inspires you?





A Kiss?

The moon over Tulum?

The sun dancing in the jungle?




Tulum Riviera Maya…

A haunting walk through a wooden tunnel [clearly Stacy’s claw nails video goes here]

A jungle walk just beyond that Mayan ruin

Is it a drink of something that transforms your mind to where it should be once you arrive?

A zero edge infinity pool, a lazy river

streaming towards a pulsating, colorfully accent lighted bar

just beyond those electrifying turntables?

You know what is meant for you

You know you like it

Sooo calm

The relaxation

The taboo

(Jungle drum beats pulsating)

This is the Dallas Escape Series spotlight

on all the enchanting things brewing

from the jungles of Tulum

all the way up the Riviera Maya

to the new playgrounds evolving in Cancun

for the grown jet set crowd…

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