The Comic Battle: Monique vs DL – The Business Angle

Hey, my business people. In today’s Lessons for Business and Motivation:

This interesting legal dilemma between comedians Monique and DL Hughley is a good lesson on why it is important for businesspeople to be legally savvy without being a lawyer. The gist of this case centers around how big name comedians normally conduct their business before agreeing to do a comedy show. Us fans don’t normally think about the business side of comedy as we just go for the laughs. But behind the scenes, the biggest star is designated the headliner of the show, and what comes with that is the title, respect and most importantly, the bigger bag.

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So what happened in this case? Yes, we see that Monique was clearly angry at DL, and went all the way off on him at the beginning of her comedy routine before continuing to do her regular jokes. Why target DL? Monique presented a Performance Agreement with two sets of initials at the bottom which we assume are legally binging signatures. On the other hand, DL had a Deal Memo, which is usually like a legal outline of the terms that the performer wants to see in the formal contract. This Memo was actually dated one day later than Monique’s Agreement, which is important because Monique seems to suggest that DL had his team switch things up after the fact to get favorable terms. What eventually happened was that, on the day of the event, Monique alleges she was blind sided with a change in the comedian lineup, making her come on stage before DL, meaning that DL is the headliner.

Watch the rest of the gripping battle in the video!

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