Are You Makin’ Business Moves Like Kanye? PLUS: Millennials Not Buying Houses in N Texas

In this Christmas season report:

Kanye West’s $90 Yeezy Gap hoodie sold better in a single day than any other product in Gap’s history

More higher-income millennials opting to rent, not buy, here in North Texas

Founder of Several Six-Figure Businesses Launches Curriculum For Aspiring Black Women CEOs

Hey there, my business brothas and sistas. I’m back with another report to motivate you to make the right business moves before Christmas and beyond. In today’s Affluent Blacks news report:

Not long ago, Kanye West’s $90 Yeezy Gap hoodies sold better in a single day than any other product in Gap’s history
Gap’s collaboration with Kanye West’s Yeezy brand remains a bright spot for the 52-year-old retailer, according to And is even suggesting that his hoodies are so popular that you need to beware of fake Yeezy hoodies selling on the black market. Now that’s the kind of success you want to spark with your products. Making the right partnerships with the right retailers may help your products enter new markets you otherwise could not reach.

Apparently, the supply chain issue is no problem for this business mogul. Kanye’s brand power translated into 70% of those who bought his hoodies recently, were new customers for The Gap. Thus, the partnership is a win win for both. So the well known store brand might want to consider renaming itself to The Yeezy. Lol just sayin…

Back here in the thriving, highly successful North Texas area is a trend among higher income millennials who are sticking up the middle finger to the insanely high priced housing market They are opting instead for relatively more affordable, but very nice apartments with upscale lifestyle amenities. Dallas area suburbs like Arlington, McKinney (which is only a few miles from our Plano headquarters) and Denton are attracting these wise millennials in very noticeable ways. They bank about $50k to $60k a year, so they have some pocket change to spend on amenities like social happy hours, high quality workout centers, and swank common lounges with kitchens and big azzz TVs. What’s fueling this trend is that with sky high home prices, down payments are just too insane to save up for. So they chunk up the deuces, save their money, and snag some snazzy modern apartments. Many of them are investing their savings in cryptos and NFTs, so they might end up being millionaires when the housing market crashes.

Finally, from comes this motivating story about a sista entrepreneur, founder of several six figure businesses, who started a business strategy curriculum to help aspiring sista CEOs perfect their own growth strategies. “Angela Y. Ervin is founder of the 6-Figure Entrepreneurial Lab for female CEOs, a unique workshop, podcast, and curriculum that was established to assist other like-minded entrepreneurs to expand their personal brands. For over 25 years, she has been enabling and transforming the lives of entrepreneurs across the country.” We need more sistas and brothas like this becoming the spark that some of us need to bring our deep seated dreams to life. Way to go.
That’s it for this report, my brothas and sistas. Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season, and remember to set aside some money to protect your assets during the approaching dark winter. Take care.

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