In this report – Retail Automation and Global Supply Chain Issues, Lucrative Influencer Deals

Hey, my business people. It’s almost Thanksgiving. In today’s Affluent Blacks news report, local ABC News affiliate WFAA has been busy with content that is relevant for black businesses and professionals across Dallas. The first story is about super retailer Walmart opening up 2 new, very automated facilities here in Dallas. Both of them will be in the southern Dallas suburb of Lancaster, which is home to a sizable Black community. And they are bringing skilled tech jobs, something I’ve talked about in previous videos. Here’s what Lauren Willis of Walmart said:

“We are looking for folks with technology experience,” Willis told WFAA. “In fact, 40 percent of the new jobs created will require STEM skills to support technical positions.”

Did you hear that? Notice that 40% will need STEM skills. Unfortunately, as I’ve pointed out, not many of us have pursued these skills, which is now a major disadvantage. Go back and check out my videos on STEM careers and college majors. In short, although this is potentially good for the southern sector of Dallas, if our brothas and sistas who live near these locations don’t hurry up and get those STEM skills Walmart is looking for by the time they open in 2024, expect more gentrification to happen as non Black skilled workers will come to fill those jobs. Keep that in mind.

Also from comes this story about how some local black retailers are being stung by the current global supply chain crisis. For those who have not kept up, a dangerous disruption to the retail supply chain at some shipping ports has led to an alarming shortage of many products we buy. Black retailers are very vulnerable to this crisis because our business net worth cannot sustain this for very long. Also note that I covered supply chain logistics in previous videos earlier this year, so I recommend checking those out. Many of our hair and beauty supply retailers will get hit bad as China and other Asian exporters are getting slammed by this crisis. I suggest that more of our retail business people acquire skills in supply chain management so that we can protect our businesses from such disruptions and redirect our logistics to source locally.

Finally from’s #IAmUpWith series comes this feature about successful social media influencer JaLisa Vaughn, who said adios to her former IT profession to go full time into her lucrative online business, that has resulted in her netting a million dollars in endorsement deals in one year. She leveraged the business strategy of delegating some tasks to others so she can focus on what she does best: creating niche content. This is one area where many entrepreneurs fail. They don’t understand the importance of seeking the help of others to help them achieve higher levels of success. This is a lesson that many of our brothas and sistas can learn from, and fortunately, she is sharing her success patterns with others. Visit the link below to find out more about her.

And that’s it for this report. Have a great Thanksgiving week and be sure to like share and subscribe so we can help more of our people get ahead in business and become affluent. Take care.

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