Did Beyonce’s Business Brand Take a Hit Due to the Tiffany Blood Diamond Scandal? Lessons on PR damage control

Did Beyonce’s Business Brand Take a Hit Due to the Tiffany Blood Diamond Scandal? As you can see, two weeks out, there aren’t any headlines about this scandal, and her brand seems to be fine so far. Why is that?

Well, if you look at how she responded to the problem, she and her mother did a good job jumping out in front of the problem before anymore cancer like damage could be done to her image and brand. In her statement, she blamed Tiffany for not telling her this was a blood diamond she was wearing, but I don’t think she needed to mention that as it wasn’t necessary, nor do I believe she was interested in its history. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so how many ladies do you know really ask a salesperson about the history of a pretty diamond? Exactly! No need for Beyonce to bite the hand that feeds her…well, she can feed herself, but still, Tiffany paid her well for her image, in order to support their venerable luxury brand.

So what made Tiffany want to use Beyonce’s image and brand to promote their brand? Let’s take a closer look…

Beyonce is more than just a singer or entertainer. She, similar to hubby Jay Z, is a business woman. What does that mean? Here’s where the definition that most average people misunderstand. We think that being a business person just means starting a business, promoting it, having some decent customer service, and the money will follow. Wrong!

As I always say on this channel, business is WAR! Every dollar your business plans to make is a dollar out of someone else’s pocket. Why do I say this? Because the world has a limited, finite amount of wealth available. Money is not unlimited. The earth’s resources are limited, and billionaires have setup a system whereby they want to control who can attain certain amounts of these limited resources because they’re selfish. You were likely not taught the connection between money and resources in school. I just summed it up for you, but I might do an extended video on that topic in the future, God willing.

So when you put together a business plan, don’t treat it as just a piece of paper or some regular old document. Treat it as a declaration of war! You have to have offensive and defensive strategies in place to crush the competition at all costs. Take no prisoners. This is what Beyonce did after she separated herself from Destiny’s Child, and ascended her throne to become Queen Bey. Recall in history, some queens had to be ruthless to reach the top and stay there. Go look up the queen of the African island nation of Madagascar in the 1800s. She was so ruthless that even powerful men feared her. In the 2000s, Beyonce and her team made sure to keep most of the rising female singers in their place. Those few who dared cross her got their careers ended mysteriously. Hey, there was nothing illegal about that as far as I know, so Beyonce declared war and it worked.

Since 2005, Beyonce has not looked back, as she and her mother started a fashion and beauty business, talent management, and other business interests to promote her own personal image, the same image which Tiffany and Co sought to benefit from. She maximized her overall brand, which includes her singing, acting and entertainment business interests. As she settles into her mother role, don’t be surprised if she takes on Martha Stewart as the queen of the home decorating and interior design space. Martha is kinda getting up there in years, and based on my calculations of brand value and image, Beyonce would be a perfect hostess of content geared towards upscale home life. Time will tell. In any case, Beyonce is a good study in effective brand management and PR damage control. Until the next video my business warriors, war and peace.





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