Are you ready for this? News from Black Enterprise, SalesForce, Black Business Month, BLP Studios Memphis

Hey, my people. In today’s Affluent Blacks news report:

From comes this story…

Rebranding the 2nd Largest Black-Owned Film Studio in Memphis, TN

BLP Film Studios is now poised to become the 2nd-largest Black-owned film studio in the United States. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, the company has a turnkey facility under development that will offer world-class resources and localized human capital for the production of African American films, TV shows, and streaming content.



The Salesforce National Black Business Month Block Party brought together Black entrepreneurs, entertainers, and business leaders to discuss building Black wealth, investing in the future, and insights to success.

Hosted by Salesforce and sponsored by Black Enterprise and Deloitte Digital, the National Black Business Month Block Party featured discussions with comedian Yvonne Orji, former NBA All-Star Baron Davis, and others about taking their careers into their hands.

And speaking of, they’re hosting a virtual, online entrepreneurs’ summit coming up this Sept 15 and 16! Here’s what the website says:

“In today’s extraordinary business environment, BLACK ENTERPRISE presents a must-attend event so you too can gain all the resources you need to connect, thrive, and take your company to the next level. Join us for our Entrepreneurs Summit (A Virtual Experience) on Sept 15–16, 2021.

You’ll receive vital instruction and inspiration as well as expand your business network to position your company to access an array of opportunities. Whether you operate a B-to-C enterprise or B-to-B company, discover how you can achieve higher levels of success at the nation’s largest gathering of emerging and established African American businesses: Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit.​”

Links below to all the articles. Until the next video, my business warriors, war and peace.

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