STEM Careers vs Struggle Jobs – What Yooo Choosin’? Is it Fashion Design?

Ok, people. We gotta settle this. STEM Careers vs Struggle Jobs – What Yooo Choosin’? If you’re in a struggle job, I will come for you eventually lol. You might remember in school where people who were trying to be nice told you to choose a career you’re passionate about, and the money will follow. Does that really make sense in this cold world that loves money more than you?

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Right now, we have a student loan debt crisis that is so big that most graduates and those who didn’t even finish school can’t afford it. And the funny thing is that there is a shortage in STEM jobs and high paying trades. So there is a big disconnect between what people are using their student loans for, and high paying job. This means most of you guys chose to follow your passion and feelings when choosing your majors and careers.

Stop that. Clearly that is a failed path. As I’ve said before, you have to sit down and plan out your future, being realistic with where you are in life. If you are a child of Beyonce and Jay Z, then you can pursue whatever career you want because your family has bank. But for the 99% of the rest of us, you were born into some level of struggle, so why choose a struggle path for your future? A struggle past plus a struggle future equals life long poverty. It seems like for every person who succeeds in their struggle major, 1,000 other fail miserable.

Why take on $100k or $200k of student loan debt to pursue a passion of catching and selling butterflies with a marketing degree? Are you insane? Just because one person wins $1,000 in the lottery doesn’t mean you will. This is the simple law of averages. In fact, I recommend taking a stat class as it is a STEM course, and you will learn how to properly weigh your life options.

In deciding between a STEM or Struggle major, you have to at least list 3 careers in each you might consider, find out how much education or training costs in each, find out how many graduates will find jobs, and then what’s the average salary for those who can find jobs after graduation. If you do an honest research, you will find some shocking things about your list of struggle majors.

Let’s pick on a struggle major, for example. Last time I picked on Journalism because that is a popular struggle major. This time, I’ll pick on Fashion design. Yes, people, fashion is a big time struggle major, and because it is dominated by a lot of feminine energy, counselors and role models in the field are not honest. They want everyone to feel good and pursue their dreams no matter what. In this field, stats mean nothing because everyone can make it. But I looked at the numbers, and no, my sistas, most don’t make it. There are way too many graduates chasing few job openings. Why is telling this truth so difficult? Do you want to stack up piles of student loan debt, only to have to work at Target or the clothing section of a supermarket?

I looked up various websites that responded about the chances of making it in the fashion industry and most avoid answering the question directly. Instead, they choose to fill your heads up with buzzwords like “promising future” and “you can use your talents any way you want.” No, people. If your last name is not Kardashian, then you will have to first build a financial foundation under you, and then pursue your passion.

For instance, a good STEM major to pursue in fashion is actually supply chain management in the cloud. Recall that once you design your fashion and have some seamstress spin up a few outfits, you need to ship those outfits direct to customers or retailers. This involves supply chain management. And this technology pays well and is in high demand. You figure with a few years of savings in your bag, you can then take 3 to 6 months off work at a time to pursue making clothes and distributing them yourself. You’ll also gain valuable contacts in the fashion industry. If things work out, great, you can quit your day job. If not, you’re still making 6 figures and can try again later in a year or two. What’s wrong with that approach?

Ok. Hopefully you get the idea. If you need one on one consultation about your particular career or college majors, let’s book a 15 minute online video session for real cheap. Otherwise, use this free advice and let me know how it goes. Until the next video my warriors, war and peace.

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