Fight Back! The War on Black Business is REAL

Business warfare has been brought to our doors, and most of us have not recognized it for what it is: A strategy to keep us as a permanent economic underclass.

In a previous video, I focused in on how black women lost the hair and beauty industry to the Korean business lobby because they did not recognize that a silent war was declared on their lucrative industry back in 1960. To continue to help my sistas understand how the war is still on, here’s an interesting quote from the USPAACC (Asian American/Pacific Islanders chamber of commerce) in the latest Minority Business News journal:

“In supply-chain management, a well thought-out offense is always the best defense.” Notice how they are on code with a military approach to business. This is why sistas lost the hair and beauty industry. Sistas didn’t know they were at war, and were never taught that business is war. In a world that loves money, if any industry makes a lot of money, this world does not care if it’s ethnic or not. They will organize a military style raid of that industry and plunder it, just like Attila the Hun plundered village after village centuries ago. But since sistas generally pushed brothas away, they missed out on a source of natural born warriors to counter this attack. As I always say, business is war. Don’t listen to others who copy this sound bite from me but have no clue how to mount a business counter offensive. This takes advanced, long time business acumen, savvy, education and deep experience that I am offering videos on for free.

Here’s the latest Business War News coming up from Affluent Blacks of Dallas dot com…

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