The Ones Making Big Moves Are Spotlighted in Dallas Business Journal

If you haven’t had a chance to read the Dallas Business Journal lately, you’ve been missing out on some incredible brothas and sistas with significant influence all across the land of Dallas Ft. Worth and far, far beyond.

Dr. Kneeland Youngblood | DBJ

One of the most prominent features is the man with the private equity plan, Dr. Kneeland Youngblood. With a most impressive, impeccable academic background which includes Princeton University, he heads up a billion dollar private equity firm, Pharos. His influence is worldwide, and the contacts in his network are at the very top of the world’s social circles. Do indeed read the May 15th article on him right here.

Fern Johnson | DBJ

In addition to him, a May 19th article features a top executive sista at PepsiCo, Fern Johnson, who has just been honored in this year’s Women in Technology Awards. As the CTO Vice President of Global IT at the major beverage corporation, she is quite influential over major strategic tech initiatives across the multinational organization. Having worked her way up the corporate ladder there for 29 years, she oversees hundreds of people. Whew! Read the rest here.

Wendy Stewart | DBJ

Continuing with Dallas Business Journal’s 2021 Women in Technology Awards, Wendy Stewart, VP of of sales operations for DataBank, oversees a several dozen major computer data centers across 29 key markets for the company. Oh wow! For those who don’t know, one data center can control the data and computer operations of thousands of employees impacting potentially millions of customers, depending on its configuration. So she’s a heavyweight when it comes to such tech power plants. Read her story here.

Mary Chaney | DBJ

And the last Women in Technology Awards we’re spotlighting here is Cybersecurity Expert Mary Chaney. As you may know by now, so many companies are migrating to the cloud that technology security has become a very crucial and lucrative industry. Although she is not based in the Dallas area, Dallas Business Journal tapped her to get her insights on cybersecurity. And of course, we thought it should be mentioned here, especially since part of her advice was for the State of Texas. She is the Director of Information Security and Privacy for Michigan-based Esperion Therapeutics. Read her advice here.

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