Does Kanye Have Big ‘Bag’ Options If Kim Divorces?

50 | Plano

It appears that the public’s love affair with Kim and Kanye is coming to an end soon, according to many reports. But that doesn’t seem to stop Mr. West from rakin’ in the dough. He seems to have fans of his artwork, willing to pay tens of thousands for it. From now on, let’s call him Mr. Payday.

   Miami Beach is becoming quite the popular jet set destination, for those who got worn out by the winter polar beast, that pummeled most states the week after Valentine’s Day, especially right here in Texas. So what is the best hotel? The best nightclub? Is it W Hotel, 1 Hotel, Fountainbleu, where world famous Club Liv is? Is Story Nightclub the real winner? We have links to two recent Miami sources in case you’re planning a quick winter escape before Spring Break season takes over. You better hurry because hotels are…

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