Black History Month: We Got Unfinished Business

Should Black History Month 2021 be treated like all the other recent years, where we keep it moving without assessing how to improve our moves towards collective success? From now on, we should use this month as a time to not just look back at the glory days of kingdoms gone by, but identifying what things we’ve done right in history, and what things we can do to improve our communities that still face lingering challenges. So for the rest of the month, we’ll do our best to highlight successes and failures, and how to capitalize on this knowledge for the future.

This is important because, as you should realize by now, every election cycle, we get nothing because we don’t strategically ask for anything.

Symbolic high profile positions given to a few don’t work for 99.99 percent of us anymore (they never did). And “trickle down socialism,” where we’re told we will benefit by policies geared toward every minority eventually, has failed us historically as well. We have specific needs that need targeted, tangible policies geared only towards us this time, like everyone else is getting. Thus, Black History month now becomes Black Tangibles Month.

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