Are You a New Professional to Dallas Ft. Worth or Just Want to Network?

Well then, let’s network! No need for big networking events every time we want to meet. It can be an informal happy hour where a few of us just mix and mingle! Also, we post other mixers and happy hour events on our Events page.

Click the link to see how we can start to network with each other! We don’t want this site to just be about the successes of others in Dallas-Ft. Worth. We want to know who you are too! If you are a degreed professional – whether it be an Associates, Bachelor or Graduate degree – or are working on one or have a post-college professional career or business, we’d like to know you and let others across the area know you, too. Use the form here to provide us the info and we’ll reach out to you for more info. We will make the info you provide public, so don’t include any sensitive info such as personal home address, private email addresses, private phone numbers, etc.

By getting to know you this way, it will help other black professionals network with you and help make you feel welcome (if you’re new) and connected to the pulse of Black DFW. Be prepared to email a good photo of yourself when we contact you as part of the next step, if you want.

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