Your DFW Weekend Lineup: Business Networking Events, 2016 Bentley Mulsanne, State Fair Concert, Day and Night Parties

Whew! Everything is going on this weekend it seems, and there’s something for every professional who is about that business and lifestyle. But before we dive into all the good stuff, the Fall season means gradually bringing out the layers in your clothing style as the temperatures slowly drop. With all the business functions and upscale events coming up, its good to take your wardrobe to the next level. Two Dallas-based style blogs on Instagram can help: @BruvaJC for men’s style, and @CurvemonstersGlam. So fellas, if you need just a tiny bit of help in tweaking your style, be sure to it out. And ladies, if your man or male family members need help, you now know what to do! And of course, ladies do check out the @CurveMonsters ( site for the latest Fall styles, and if you think your style might help others out, DM or message them.

And now for the weekend lineup:


Friday (tonight)

Tonight is Libra season at Truth Lounge at Park Lane and 75 in the Northpark Center area.

CoSign Magazine is hosting an event at Illume at 1015 Elm St (Crowne Plaza Hotel).



The Susan G Komen breast cancer event with Tom Joyner lending his efforts.


From 10am – 12 noon is the monthly Entrepreneur Empowerment Network in Irving but hurry and RSVP asap!


Yours truly will networking while checking out the 2016 Benrley Mulsanne up close tomorrow afternoon, so be on the look out for pics on @affluentblacks.

Day party at Tate’s (2723 McKinney Avenue, Dallas uptown) with DJ Steve Nice doin’ it big for his birthday! If you saw our pics from Tate’s last weekend, you know it will be very lit (translation: fun) so RSVP now.


And another day party that is sure to be fun is The Saturday Hang Suite (4-10pm, 2711 Elm Street, Deep Ellum, Dallas) with DJ Phife, Damien Haltom and Rod Deloach. RSVP here.

Later Saturday night, things get rather interesting! The 3rd annual African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) is hosted by reality celeb (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and businesswoman Cynthia Bailer and top African comedian BasketMouth. It’s presented by Axxess at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters, 1309 canton St., Dallas 75201.


Keeping with the breast cancer awareness theme, Brickhouse Lounge in Arlington (2525 E Arkansas Lane) has its Pink event where they will honor breast cancer survivors (a hand clap and fist bump to them). Rap legend and reality star Nelly takes the stage at the State Fair starting at 830pm.


Park Avenue last weekend


The new Pryme Saturdays is set to make a splash in the Dallas night life scene this Saturday, a weekend after Lotus made its debut and is also set to do it big Sat night. Park Avenue, Truth, Stone Trail, Sandaga 813, Villa and several other night spots will also keep you busy if you’re about that life (we posted some very fun pics from Park Avenue during OU Texas weekend last weekend, so check them out at @affluentblacks on Instagram).

Finally, Truth has their Jazz and Wine Sunday Day party featuring celebrated jazz man Don Diego and his team. Heroes Lounge has their weekly Drinks and Drums event starting at 3pm, live band at 7pm. Sankofa also has a Sunday brunch for those deeper south.


Next week is the 90th Anniversary Gala for the well respected Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce (the oldest in the country), plus the long awaited Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo and after party, and other upscale events, so stay tuned for that and again, be sure to check out the style links we mentioned in the first paragraph so you look your best as you represent Dallas Ft. Worth to the world that is increasingly paying attention to us! If we forgot any special events, let us know and do keep in touch with business networking and social events coming up this Fall! This is part of the Dallas Fall Events series here at Affluent Blacks of Dallas…


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