We’re Finally on Instagram!

Ok, don’t laugh so hard. Yours truly has been piggy backing off my @bruvajc and @johndavison2016 IG pages for a while, but now the Affluent Blacks of Dallas Instagram is in full effect! Not only will we announce new articles, we’ll also be featuring what’s going on around DFW as well as spotlighting you and some of the fun and interesting things you like to do in the area. This info is becoming increasingly helpful for the many out of town brothas and sistas who have helped to make our website at the top of the first page of online searches when they want to know what other black professionals are up to across the vast expanse of Dallas-Ft. Worth, the 4th largest metro area in the country and one of the top 2 fastest growing big cities (neck and neck with our sister city down south, Houston). So follow us on IG today!

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