Weekend-morning anchor Carla Wade Left WFAA 8 | The Star-Telegram

Carla Wade


If you ever wondered what happened to Carla Wade on Channel 8 (WFAA), now you know. As usual, when it comes to news about news professionals, they just quietly disappear without much of a trace. According to Star Telegram, WFAA confirms her departure as of January 2016. She was with WFAA for three years, and was the weekend morning anchor since 2014. Uncle Barky’s Bytes, which gets inside info on news professional happenings, reported WFAA did not renew her contract. We liked her a lot and actually want to see her return to a similar position in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

On a related note, Eric King formerly of Channel 5 (KXAS) also left that station. He returned to his former TV station in Kentucky. It appears the scope of his journalistic duties at Channel 5 had been reduced, whereas he will do a lot more in Louisville. We wish him all the best.

Eric King


Source: Weekend-morning anchor Carla Wade leaving WFAA | The Star-Telegram

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