Kona Grill in Plano is the Spot for Affluent Blacks for Friday Happy Hour


Yours truly has been frequenting Kona Grill in Plano’s billion dollar West Plano Village since it opened mid 2015 and since the last week of black history month, well to do black professionals have been flocking here. I have been telling friends that part of the influx is due to the closing of Shark Bar at Willow Bend Mall in Plano, and also the closing of Buttons in Addison. Both unfortunate events happened roughly the 3rd quarter last year. Many of Collin County’s affluent black professionals went to both, so at some point, the new Kona Grill became an inevitable magnet.

But why Kona Grill, you might ask?


For years, the Kona Grill at the upscale Northpark Mall has been, and still is, quite popular with upscale blacks, including those in the northern Dallas suburbs some 20+ miles away. So when the new Kona Grill opened in Plano right around the time the two biggest draws for North Dallas black professionals shut down, common sense pointed to a new hub of black professional networking.


With Alexis Britton of Plano. She specializes in business and personal insurance through Farmers Insurance. Farmersagent.com/abritton


  1. A 10 % tip is an insult for good service. If you receive good service, it is customary to tip 20 %. That is, decide your bill by 5, and leave that much of a tip, in top of the bill. For example, if your tab is 100 dollars, leave 20 dollars as a tip. Bad service is another


  2. Keven is right. Servers make $2.13 per hour, and the DEPEND ON TIPS TO PAY THEIR BILLS. Most black people think that a tip is extra, like a bonus on top of a normal hourly wage. This is incorrect. For good service (food is correct, refills are timely, and service is within 20 min of ordering your food) an EXPECTED tip is 20% of the total bill. (Before taxes) For poor service, use discretion. If you think I’m being racist please look up an article by The Washington Post about tips and race. Thank you for leaving good tips for good service.


  3. Definition of affluent
    1 : having an abundance of goods or riches : wealthy affluent families our affluent society
    2 : flowing in abundance affluent streams affluent creativity

    Please don’t call yourself affluent if you’re going to be a stingy tipper. Please go somewhere else. We really don’t want to waste our Friday nights serving you anyway. Seriously.


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