What in the World?! They’re Printing Drivable Cars Now

Plenty of auto manufacturers are making various attempts to make their cars greener and better for the environment. Hybrids, electric vehicles, and biofuel are just a few current advancements that are making ripples in ending dependence on fossil fuels. Now, showcased by the phenomenally light and quick 3D-printed Blade supercar, Divergent Microfactories, wants to not only make a splash, it wants to create a game-changing tidal wave.

Billed as the world’s first 3D-printed supercar, the Blade is currently showing off in San Francisco at the Solid Convention. It’s a gathering to display disruptive new products and technologies birthed from mixing ideas and services from the worlds of software, hardware, and data. The Blade is Divergent Microfactories’ contribution. Let’s look at its makeup and specs before explaining DM’s ultimate goal.

via 700-HP Blade Is The World’s First 3D-Printed Supercar.

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