Want to Program Computers or Teach Others How to in Dallas? Tech Talent South Wants You

Dallas is often in the top 3 mega cities with a strong technology hub and is often dubbed the Silicon Prairie. Workers in information technology (IT) earn way more than most other industries. Young minority students can especially benefit by getting involved early so that by the time they are of  working age (16), they can do more than just the regular minimum wage jobs, and might even become teenage entrepreneurs.

They say “everything is bigger in Texas,” right? Perfect! We’re looking for people with BIG ideas looking to do BIG things. As the country’s fourth-largest employment center, Dallas has got it going on and, TTS is excited to be a part of fueling growth in the tech community. Home to the third-largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the nation, Dallas boasts big technology players like Texas Instruments, Intuit, and NetApp alongside awesome startups like TangoTab, Vidpow, and Glass Media. And, hey, the barbecue doesn’t hurt, right? We are happy to host our classes out of the “Tech Mecca” itself, Alto 211! Sit in a tire swing, visit with the people of Dallas Fort Work, check out the companies in Tech Wildcatters, and learn to code and do something #dallasbig at our Dallas location.

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