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Kustom SmartPhone

The EGO constitutes the individual who is aware of their own identity and their relationship with the surroundings. Its definition has been linked to other terms such as psyche, being, self-esteem and even soul. The ego is born with us when we come into the world, that enables us to feel good, valuable, unique and uniquely important.

With this same care and this caress, Kustom EGO is born, true to its origins and willing to mark a big difference between technology and creativity, on the cusp of art and design.

Designed from a titanium alloy chassis, it has a ring which its privileged customers will be able to customize, selecting the precious materials which they prefer such as gold, silver or gemstones; they can even complete it with a specific text or message.

Handmade by Spanish masters of the trade, each telephone comes with a guarantee certificate where your personal serial number is encrypted. You can acquire one by visiting http://www.kustommobile.com and the price starts at $10,000.

More than design, sublimation

Beyond the form, we create lasting products which stand the test of time and which transmit sensibility, strength, character, beauty and purity. Emilio Tarraga, designer and associate of Kustom Ego.

Kustom Ego is the result of a very singular concept of mimesis taken into the technology field which represents with its sinuous organic forms not only elegance but also spirit and soul.

“The beauty of desert scenery, the sinuous dunes moulded by the elements over time, dynamic and at the same time eternal, are the sources which have inspired our terminal. Ego takes us to our roots with art and through handicraft, to faraway lands where beauty and the soul of their culture still live on among us,” declares Tarraga.

Leading-edge technology

The Kustom Ego software stands out for its precision, design, usability, for the protected and encrypted information and a Kustom ID user’s account in order to centralize your identification. As its name indicates, it is a unique and unrepeatable identifier which allows for a conversation window between Kustom and the customer where they will receive all of the system’s updates, new images and sounds and even new exclusive services which the brand is constantly working on. The idea is to create a window between the user and a select world of contents with exclusive services only for the lucky owners of an EGO.

Kustom Mobile has developed a layer of customization on the Google system Android. The smartphone has the 4.4.4 version of the Android operating system reinforced with a security system.

Furthermore, the company bets on the latest advances in technology and works with partners such as Swiftkey in order to offer the best writing experience with EGO and are permanently in contact with application creators in order to add them to its portfolio.

The telephone is equipped with a 5 screen, a Snapdragon processor, 2GB of Ram and LTE/4G connectivity


The Kustom Spanish company started its career path in 2013 with the aim of developing products uniting technology with fine jewellery.

“Our products are elaborated by expert Spanish craftsmen, with limited manufacturing and unique finishes. We put special emphasis on a customization fit for our customers’ tastes” declare Alex Bryszkowski and Elena Fernandez.

Only 28 years old, Elena Fernandez is a real expert on the history of Spanish handicraft production, reflected in unique products full of history and tradition, bringing together different cultures. She studied Direction and Strategic Management of the Luxury Industry at the IE Business School. This, together with her enthusiastic and entrepreneurial spirit led her to join together with two creative masters of the trade in their respective fields:Emilio Tarraga, designer of EGO and Alex Bryszkowski, a young Frenchman who is very international and who since his youth has stood out in the world of communication and technology.

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