Dallas Professional Women Can Shop Clothes Mentor for Deals on Authentic Upscale Brands

Louis Vuitton Totally PM $625 at the Clothes Mentor location in Frisco!!

Dallas is known as a pretty fashionable city and its famed Dallas Apparel Mart is often a testing ground for new fashions coming out in the usual fashion cycle. That can add a little pressure to stay trendy with clothing and accessories, but oftentimes, that can be an expensive proposition. The smart professional woman with an eye on the bottom line looks for the right apparel at the right store. Clothes Mentor just might help. Here’s what Clothes Mentor’s Frisco site says (there are other stores across the DFW metroplex):

Clothes Mentor buys trendy, better brand women’s clothing in new to like-new condition. We focus on clothing that was introduced to the original retailer within the past 18-24 months, so long as the style remains current. Certain purses, shoes and other accessories remain stylish a bit longer than two years. We really love shoes and purses! Especially designer purses!


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