Dallas Area Black Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Big Hurdles – Dallas Morning News

Texas has provided a fertile atmosphere these past five years for business prosperity and economic growth. But as researchers who are close to the entrepreneurial process and have owned businesses ourselves, we understand that developing entrepreneurial firms, and the perceptions of their owners, aren’t always in sync with the larger economic picture.The priorities of entrepreneurs are often more fundamental, the urgency is often greater, and the opportunities differ based on the lens through which a business owner sees the world.We wondered, specifically, how the black business community views the Texas business landscape today. To find out, we surveyed Texas black-owned businesses, including many in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and asked owners about themselves, their businesses and their perceptions of other firms in their industries.What became clear is that black owners perceive significant hurdles in growing their businesses and achieving the profitability levels of their industry peers.

via Black entrepreneurs see big hurdles to success | Dallas Morning News.

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