Report: Are Popular OnlyFans Girl’s Managers Catfishing Men? Also: Shout Out to South Oak Cliff High School

Hey, my business people. In today’s Affluent Blacks news report:

Why not give the gift of business this Christmas?

Is Your Job One of the 34 deadliest jobs in America?

Are Popular OnlyFans Girl’s Managers Catfishing Men?

Shout Out to South Oak Cliff High School for the Historic State Football Championship

Why not give the gift of business this Christmas?

Do you have someone in your life who seems to already have everything for Christmas? These kinda people are hard to find gifts for, I’m sure. One thing, one thing, you might consider is the gift of business. Now I’m not talking about going out and buying a whole company valued in the millions…unless you ballin like that. I mean going to your county website and buying the basics for starting a business for your family member, friend or loved one who seems to have all kinds of business ideas but keeps procrastinating.

Start with figuring out what business name they already have but didn’t register with the county. The form to fill out is usually called either an Assumed Name Certificate or Fictitious Name Certificate, something like that. Each county usually has a website in which you can search for existing names to make sure yours is unique. Then pay something like $15 to $25. You can pay online and download the certificate pretty quickly in most cases. All counties will mail the official certificate.

Next is to provide instructions on how to take that certificate and go to a bank to open a business account. You don’t have to be incorporated yet. You can open a “Doing Business As” account linked to an existing personal account. Hopefully your loved one already has an account. If so, you can gift them the minimum amount to deposit into the new account. If not, you can setup a new account linked to your personal account if you trust them like that.

And that’s it. Net steps could be to incorporate with the state and filing out an Employee Identification Number (EIN) form with the IRS. Maybe you can do that as a gift for next Christmas.

Links to the [Assumed Name filing cost in Dallas, Collin, and Tarrant County]

Is Your Job One of the 34 deadliest jobs in America?

Many business people, including myself, started off working dangerous jobs for other companies before starting our own. Working for someone else has its stresses, but can you imagine adding the fact that you are risking your life for another person’s company? Is it perhaps better to risk your life for your own business? I’ll let you decide. But hopefully your line of work is not in this long list of dangerous jobs. I won’t go through the entire list from, but will focus on the ones that tend to be popular among brothas and sistas.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Workers in transportation and material moving occupations and construction and extraction occupations accounted for nearly half of all fatal occupational injuries…” For those who are in the very popular transportation industry, it don’t look so good: “Overall, the greatest number of fatal work injuries resulted from transportation incidents, with 1,778 cases in 2020.”

Fishing, tree logging and roofing are the top 3 most dangerous. Several construction industry jobs were included besides roofing. Truck drivers and drivers in general made the list at #8. Grounds maintenance workers hit #11. Those jobs that work with electricity made the list at least once, with electric power line workers being at #12. Be safe out there, my friends.

Are Some Popular OnlyFans Influencers Catfishing Their Subscribers?

Inside a secretive management firm for OnlyFans stars, where former staffers say they catfished fans to dupe them into paying to sext: ‘You’re basically a professional scammer’

Whether they realize it or not, women who run popular OnlyFans pages are business women. Specifically, they are sole proprietors unless they start and incorporate their company. Based on the stats behind the affiliated CurveMonsters Glam Instagram page, there are a lot of sistas who rely on OnlyFans as their sole income or a supplement to their income. Hence, this news report. Long story short, be careful how you conduct your business as some top OnlyFans influencers are hiring management companies to reply to fan messages on their behalf, leaving the men to think they are talking directly to the woman behind the account.

Eventually, this questionable practice got exposed recently and some men are suing both the influencer and management company for fraud, because they had no idea the influencer was not actually replying. And guess what? This series of lawsuits may actually win because it is fraud. What lesson can you learn from this? Always be honest and ethical, no matter what your business is. Act in good faith, and your business will survive a long time.

Shout Out to South Oak Cliff High School for the Historic State Football Championship

Congratulations are in order for the South Oak Cliff High School football team who became state champs, making all kinds of history going back to the 1950s, 1970s and 1980s – Man, I couldn’t keep track of all the records those young brothas broke. But it’s good to see this all black part of the southern Dallas area put the entire city on their backs. And now the nation has seen how special these young men are. Good job.


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Inside a secretive management firm for OnlyFans stars, where former staffers say they catfished fans to dupe them into paying to sext: ‘You’re basically a professional scammer’

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