Juneteenth All Across the Land of Dallas Ft. Worth

Hey people! There are a lot of Juneteenth activities going on all across the big land of Dallas Ft. Worth. Some started this past weekend, but most are today through this weekend. What are yooooo doing? For those who don’t know what Juneteenth is, this article contains a couple of videos to catch you up. Long story short: Old school slavery ended at the end of the Civil war, but the news was slow to reach Texas for over 2 years (if only they had social media back then!).

One movement that is gaining momentum with this Juneteenth is the need for slavery reparations. As you can see, the news of freedom was slow to reach Texas slaves, and others, by the way. Texas just so happen to be the slave state further west than the other major slave states, and slave owners were not exactly swift to free the slaves until Union troops reached Galveston, south of Houston. But anyway, Congress is supposedly holding hearings about reparations. We’ll see how far that goes, but it is important for our community to start having real political issues to test politicians on. Without tangible issues, politicians will continue to take us for granted and ignore us.

Happy Juneteenth!

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