Considering a College Degree? Make Sure It’s the Kind That Pays!

Right about now, many of you are probably considering going to college for the first time, or going back to school after a break while “adulting.” For 2019, that decision will likely be compounded by a U.S., and perhaps world economy transitioning to a major recession (all the economic data is trending strongly in that direction). What’s more, all indicators are that there will be a major shift in the kinds of jobs that will be in demand as the digital revolution will sweep away “old” jobs and introduce new ones. Blockchain and robot-focused artificial intelligence, for instance, will make many jobs obsolete.

So before piling on a bunch of student loan debt for a degree that will be a dead end, consider researching which degrees pay. You can start by watching this video by Some degrees mentioned in it I’m not sure I agree with based on what I’ve seen with major executives across the country, but focus in on the STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering, math). In other words, technical degrees will guarantee far better income than non-STEM degrees. Be sure to like and share this article to those considering getting a college degree.

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