Black History Month: The First and Only Automobile Maker

Yeah, Black History month is the shortest month on the calendar, but let’s make the most of it by re-awakening some great stories from the past. This is one that perhaps not many brothas and sistas know about: The first and only Black auto manufacturer that hailed out of Ohio back in the day. It was called C.R. Patterson & Sons of Greenfield, Ohio, and the car was named the Patterson-Greenfield automobile. Some notable observers said it competed point for point with the best that Ford made at the time (circa 1915), and in some ways, exceeded the quality. But the dominant Ford assembly line was too much of a match for this and other smaller car manufacturers, so it eventually stopped making cars during the WWI era (around 1919) and after the Great Depression, went out of business in 1939 after doing well at “pimpin’ out” rides in the 1920s and 30s. Read more about this remarkable company here, here, and here.

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