Dallas Based Social Media Site Making Moves

If you’ve been following our popular Instagram page, you know we try to bring you info regarding Dallas based businesses and organizations, especially those that help brothas and sistas out in some way. One such organization is the social media phenomenon in the fashion and lifestyle space called CurveMonstersGlam. With over a quarter of a million followers, this Dallas based juggernaut is making waves and every major influencer online, including fashion and entertainment, regularly visits this site.

Some of their videos routinely get tens of thousands of views, and one of the latest one – The Jeans Under Pressure compilation – has nearly 100K views! Along those lines, CurveMonstersGlam has partnered with another Dallas based lifestyle social media and entertainment company, 50Plano Studios (a Samsona Corporation organization) to produce a theme song for their worldwide “Stuffed Curves Challenge” campaign. You can read more about the details behind the song here. The latest CurveMonstersGlam video is below, and this edition is heavily focused on sistas.



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