Did Some Lalah Hathaway Fans at Dallas House of Blues Behave Like a Circus?

Mot too long ago last month, Feb 20, Grammy winning singer Lalah Hathaway held a concert at Dallas House of Blues. A controversy ensued where Ms. Hathaway was not too happy with some fans recording video of her performance during the show, where some were streaming video to Facebook Live. Cameras were flashing, and video lights were on seemingly the entire night, causing a distraction. On her Facebook page, the award winning singer vented her frustration right after the show, chastising Dallas fans in particular, letting them know they are not at a circus. The full text is below. She also praised the fans who did not take pics or video clips during her show.

The reaction from fans, including Dallas fans, was mixed. Some agreed that the camera flash poppin’ and FB Live video lights were excessive. Others disagreed, saying they paid hard earned money for the concert and wanted to preserve the memories. Some who actually captured pics and video clips partially agreed, saying that although some fans were “doing the most” at the concert, they personally still felt they had a right to capture the moments for various reasons and that Dallas is not the only city that does such things. Perhaps she was caught up in the heat of the moment when she did the late night FB post. But what do you think? Did Hathaway have a point? Or was she wrong in specifically calling Dallas out?




You can read more on the Dallas GuideLive website

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