Is Your Summer Body Still in Winter Mode?

Heyyy yoooo! Ummm, some of y’all have kept procrastinating the transition from your bigger winter body to your slimmer summer body, haven’t ya? From love handles and beer bellies to cottage cheese and greasy inner thighs, lol, many of us have delayed the summer body regimen because of many distractions, like overtime at work, kids in school needing our attention before the end of the school year, and other life matters. And of course, based on our demographic studies, many of you have been using your precious free time watching Empire and talking about it the next day.

And before you know it, Memorial Day weekend has come and gone with June staring us straight up in our chubby faces! (I’m sure I’m guilty as charged in some of this 🙂

The good news is it’s never too late! The unofficial summer season runs from Memorial Day until Labor Day way down in September, so let’s record Empire, kiss the kids off to summer camp and use lunch hour or early in the morning or part of happy hour in the evening to exercise 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week (assuming your health can handle a regular workout regimen). If you need to check with a doctor or certified physical trainer about the best set of exercises for your unique situation, do seek them out. But it is general agreed that brisk walking 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week is good for most people. I personally do 30 minutes in my area (Shops at Legacy in Plano, north of Dallas), which is a pretty good area to power walk around in. Some of you have caught me in one of my routines, so fist bump to y’all!

I do a pretty brisk power walk, which sometimes turns into a power dance walk (don’t laugh when you see me in this mode). I have a set of songs on my phone that I specifically picked for my power walk, and when I switch to power dance walk mode, there are two key songs I rely heavily on because they have the perfect beat tempo for my power walk pace: “Come n Ride This Train” by Quad City DJs, which is good for that slow jog walk, and seldom played Miami hip hop song from the late 80s, “Shock the House (MC Twist Mix)” by MC Twist and the Def Squad – wha’ chall know ’bout that song? This song is actually the best tempo for a power walk of all the songs, new and old, in my collection. I’ve tried others, but ‘Shock the House’ has THE best beat and tempo for power walking. I guarantee it! It makes me forget I’m exercising cuz I’m busy noddin’ my head and stompin’ my feets to the beats.

Nonetheless, pick your beats and hit the streets (yep, I used to MC back in the day). Summer is here and your body is begging for a last chance to show off before old age sets in. Get up and get out there!

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