You Need a Website for Your Hot Business Idea…Now What?

If you have not had a chance to check out the latest How To Video from 50Plano TV on what to do before you pay for one single web page, it is good to check it out now! In the entertainment industry, before the movie producer films the first scene, they demand a script and video treatment. Before a home builder lays the foundation for a house, they need an architectural blueprint of what the house should look like. Before a heart surgeon operates on a patient, a surgery plan has to be put in place that takes into account the medical history of the patient as well as the capabilities of the surgery staff. So when it comes to building a business website, why is it that so many people think they can go straight to Wix or WordPress and immediately start creating pages without some kind of business plan?

What often happens is that the excited business person starts putting up random pages and random buttons and links with no vision of how the business is supposed to behave when it sells products and services to the public. For instance, if you are a healthcare professional with ideas about how to help patients using a website, have you thought of the legalities behind such an offering? or what if you do hair and your website becomes popular so fast that the hair appointment scheduling page crashes? Do you have a Plan B in place? Or what if you start creating your website but then quickly realize your business ideas are not quite reflected accurately in your series of web pages? You then feel compelled to hire a web designer who will charge you extra because he or she will have to take time to get you to elaborate your business vision before they can create a website for you. And even then, there is a great chance that the ideas in your head will not match the ideas in your web designer’s head. These and other scenarios are why working business plans are needed for creating an effective website design plan.

So take some time to watch latest How To Video from 50Plano TV as a “pre game warmup” before you create a web page. The video actually uses a hair style business as an example, so for all you hair stylists and others in the glam industry who work on an appointment basis, we suggest you check the video out as it will directly help you come up with a business plan (for free) to kick start your web design plan! See, we care about y’all! The 2nd video in the series is in the works and will step through the creating of a simple hair style business on Follow us and and stay tuned.

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