It’s the Middle of Fall Dress Up Season and You’re Still Home Alone? Stop that!


Hey! The day after everybody wears real or fake costumes for Halloween, the Fall dress up season kicks into high gear, and there are plenty of elegant soirees going on all across the land of Dallas Ft. Worth starting this weekend! What are yoooo gonna do? Based on our scientific demographic analysis (well, maybe not exactly scientific), we can tell that there are many professionals who moved to Dallas ft. Worth for careers or business but don’t know a dog gone soul! Well, what do you think we started this fantastic, helpful website for? We’re pretty good at stats, ya know. Many of you have mustered up enough courage to holla at us either on here or in person at various events and restaurants/happy hours, and we commend you.

As for the rest of you cowards, what are you waiting for?! (Continue reading after the event flyers…)


Fri, Nov 11. Looks like all pre sale tickets and tables are sold out, so you gotta pay $35 at the door

Lol, we can put you in touch with other solo, sociable professionals so that y’all can get out there and hit the ground running at all of the professional networking events, upscale happy hours, soirees, balls (not those, the black tie and gown type balls), and weekly upscale events that make Fall in Dallas Ft. Worth all kinds of lit (ummm, I meant fun)! No need for sitting on the side lines with so many things to do…(continue reading the article after the event flyers)



What styles are yooo slaying this Fall? Ladies, go to @CurveMonstersGlam on Instagram for style ideas. Fellas, check out my personal style page on Instagram at @BruvaJC. You can also check out our Pinterest links in this article. And of course, don’t forget our unforgettable Instagram page @Affluentblacks). We got the whole country looking at us professionals here in Dallas Ft. Worth, so when we or other photographers snap some pics of y’all, we want you to represent, even if you throw that a** in a circle while wearing that expensive, curve-huggin’ dress, while sippin’ on top label, premium Merlot or vodka! (Translation: please look your best during this peak season of sophisticated soirees as you wine and dine and dance your way through the Fall nights of sheer elegance). (Continue reading after the event flyers…)



From now until New Year’s Eve (Lord willing), this is your chance to dress all the way up in your fave brands, for all the sophisticated, professional brand ho’s out there! Let’s do this. You can do this. You’re better than merely being stuck at home when there are so many great people like yourself to meet out there! And if you know someone who likes to be in grump mode and have all the excuses for why they don’t wanna go out, please forward this article to them as a public service. We embedded some subliminal messages in it to ensure they move their feet to the beat and make new friends! Forward it right now…

A few of the many events are included in this article, but be sure to bookmark our Events page for a complete list of soirees and parties you can dress up and attend! Come forth and follow us, all ye professionals…


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