If You’re New to the Dallas Ft. Worth Area, You’ve Got the Right Site

Welcome to the Dallas Ft. Worth area! Every so often, we wanna make sure to touch base with the many new faces of professionals who make their way to this vast mega metropolis called Dallas Ft. Worth. We get your messages and try our best to answer each one. We know that many of your come here due to a better job that relocates you here, or you just were brave enough to move here to try your fortune at finding a new job, or family reasons bring you here. And then there are those of you who are already here but you don’t have link minded professionals to hang out with for happy hour or other social and business functions you want to go to.

Well don’t be sittin’ at home or that corporate extended stay hotel all alone! We’re putting you in touch with others just like you who wanna get out and socialize with professional brothas and sistas all across the land!  As you can see from our big weekend event article we posted earlier today, there are tons of things to do, and we’re not too scurred (aka “scared”) to say hi to you if we see you happen to check out one of these events. If you want, just let us know in advance where you’re going, and we’ll tell you if we’re there or not.

When you see this logo pop up on our Instagram page, that means it’s time for you to check in and visit whatever spot we’re at! lol be sure to follow us on Instagram at @affluentblacks (or you could’ve just got it from the image!)


Also, our Happy Hour Buddies network is available so you can find other solo pros to meet and greet with informally after work. Be sure to bookmark our Events page to get the complete list of events, which often include happy hour socials going on most days each week! We also posted an article about upcoming urban cruises where we’re trying to help those interested keep track of whose going on what cruises for fun networking opportunities.

Long story short, there’s no excuse for not seizing opportunities to get to know professionals across Dallas Ft. Worth. We know tons of em! So get in where you fit in and let’s make sure you enjoy ya’self most definitely.

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