Dallas Lifestyles Vol 2 Just Posted! Much More Coverage of Black Dallas Life

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You like it, we love it! The 2nd installment of our popular Dallas Lifestyles video series has just been posted to our YouTube channel. It’s bigger, badder and sleeker with over 44 minutes of video clips featuring popular YouTube bloggers who moved to Dallas, buying big cribs, and shared their stories with their hundreds of thousands of followers! We display their YouTube channels or keyword info for you to easily find them to get in depth coverage of their remarkable stories that shows the world what affluent black professionals are doing across Dallas Ft. Worth. Also, our post includes Dallas black radio interviews with celebs, including Dallas native and Basketball Wives of LA celeb DJ Duffey who had her official birthday bash at Bungalow Pool Club near downtown Dallas. A snippet of Tom Joyner Morning Show’s Dallas interview with legendary group SWV…The popular movie celeb couple the Manns, who live in the Dallas Ft. Worth area…Gospel singer Erica Campbell’s magazine interview at Kenichi Sushi restaurant in the sleek Victory Park area of downtown Dallas near American Airlines Center…lit nightlife, and so much more! Check it out!

From our first video in this lifestyle series, we said that Dallas Ft. Worth is the most powerful engine of growth in the country. No need to repeat that here. Now you’re about to really see how turned up the black professionals are in this massive metropolitan area!
Black professionals are rising all the way up in Dallas. Just follow us at our website at AffluentBlacksOfDallas.com, and you’ll get an idea. From night events, to business networking events, we cover the topics you wanna hear.
This ground-breaking video series spotlights what we’re are doing all across Dallas Ft. Worth, including the notable ones who move here from all over the country!
Let us know your thoughts and what you wanna see in upcoming videos…And by the way, that sound you hear is that Dallas Urban Sound for 50 Plano Studios…
Dallas Ft Worth has some of the most sought after upscale real estate in the world…

YouTube Links:

Affluent Blacks of Dallas


The KG Lifestyle




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