It’s Finally Here! The 1st of Many ‘Dallas Lifestyles” Videos

Ask and ye shall receive! You asked for it, and we finally got it in. 14 minutes of lifestyle coverage, from our website and social media, to several lit and turn’t up nightlife spots around DFW, to dining and cultural activities, we got you covered!

The Dallas Ft. Worth area is the brightest economic engine of growth in the country. Many major corporations, and even smaller ones, continue to move here in big numbers. This in turns draws lots of college graduates and professionals seeking better jobs and better lives.

Black professionals are part of this movement. A few years ago when I started the website, many of those professionals who were new to the area kept asking where other black professionals were socializing. From night events, to business networking events, we covered the topics they wanted to hear.

And now we launch this ground-breaking series of video compilations that spotlight what professionals are doing all across the massive DFW area. Stay tuned for our next video. Thank you for your time. Visit and follow us on Instagram @affluentblacks! Now you have a happy hour buddy. We look forward to seeing you. Take care.


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