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5 Common Business Plan Mistakes That Torpedo Startups

When writing your business plan, be sure to avoid these five all-too-common mistakes:

1. Ignoring a major section.There are no firm rules on what constitutes a business plan, per say, but the mentors and investors who will be perusing your work will have certain expectations about its content. You need a business summary page, a model for growth that includes financials and you need to describe your target audience and explain why they need your product.List your competitors and describe why you are better than they are. Mention your hiring plan and how you plan to grow. A business plan missing any of these critical components could instantly disqualify you from further conversation. Make sure you cover all your bases.Related: Business Plans: A Step-by-Step Guide

2. Neglecting the research component.Your idea is significant, but ideas are confined to the mind. What exists in reality, and what people want to see, are objective numbers that support that idea. You might have imagined the product perfectly, but if the data doesn’t support your supposition no investor will support you.

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